OLIO exra vergine di oliva Le Cimate Montefalco

The olives are cultivated in the surrounding countryside areas of Castel Ritaldi, Giano dell’Umbria and Spoleto in ancient groves (in the area of Giano there is an Olive tree dating back to 1600) and also in modern groves on hilly terrain with excellent exposure and slopes to guarantee correct rain water drainage.
In this way the olives are small, compact, sour to the taste and of a green colour with shades of gold tending to black.

The harvest is carried out directly from the plant to guarantee the freshness of the product and the olives are cold ground (not above 20°C) within 10 hours of the harvest to prevent any mould or other impurities.

The product stands out because of its aroma, colour and its insignificant level of acidity. No additives or other products are added to the oil which could alter the visual aspect or aroma of the oil.
The different types of olives are selected and blended in expert measures to ensure the quality.